2018 – CT MG Club Dust-Off Rally

After two delays/postponements due to the threat of rain, the Connecticut MG Clubs’ Dust-Off rally for 2018 was run on August 5th, 2018. Seven cars participated, three owned by members of the Connecticut Triumph Register, four by members of the CT MG Club. Registration, meet and great and the driver’s meeting was quickly accomplished not long after 10 a.m., the first car departing at about 10:30.

This year’s event was a GTA style rally (Game, Tour, Adventure) eighty-three miles long separated into two legs and having forty route instructions and thirty-three questions. In addition to this normal format, two additional questions were posed to the teams to answer as they drove the route, the first; to note the names of the communities driven thru and the second; to count the number of churches passed along the way.

After dispatch, the teams motored thru the byways of several lower Litchfield County towns to the end of the first leg of the event. This was a break planned to occur at the Hopkins Winery located on a hill above picturesque Lake Waramaug in New Preston. Once there, the teams enjoyed the convivial atmosphere of the place while they braced themselves for the demanding second leg of this challenging event.

Leg two started with the normal incertitude, the result of the Rallymaster’s usual perfectly unambiguous route instructions. Once the cars were all moving in the correct direction, the contestants attacked the course sternly, focused on the business at hand. Motoring northbound, they crossed the Housatonic River on their way to the charming community of Sharon and thru and along forested byways to pass the famous Lime Rock Park. Continuing north by east, they passed the “Land of Nod’ and on to North Canaan to begin the “speed section” along route 44 as they turned south by east on their way to Norfolk. Directed past the historic Norfolk Village center green and with the culmination of this grueling event in front of them, the contestants completely missed taking in the beauty and majesty of the Battell Fountain, carved in granite and designed by Stanford White with bronze work by Augustus Saint-Gaudens located on the southwest corner of the green.

After driving thru the bucolic region of the headwaters of the west branch of the Naugatuck river the now exhausted (at least mentally) stalwart rallyists made their final turn across the finish line and into the parking lot of a fine dining establishment for a well-earned bevvy and a nosh.

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Event results (survivors)

First place: Neville Wardle and Susan Schaivi  Car: Triumph Spitfire

Second Place: Jay and Linda Jablonski    Car: Triumph TR6

Third place: Rick Covell & Chris Lumba   Car: MG Midget

Winner (Communities Identified Category): Don and Sheri Findley     Car: MGB GT

Winner (Churches Count Category): John Stanton and Meg Tobin  Car: Triumph TR6

Winner (Best finish of a Harvest Gold MGB GT): Wink and Betty Brainerd


Respectfully submitted by:

G. P. Dabrowski

MG Club Rallymaster

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