2019 CT British Reliability Run

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Neville said that all cars returned safely from the Reliability Run. 593 miles (600 for those who did the old course at Watkins Glen). Plus of course the miles to get to the start and home from the finish.  They had excellent weather, and the countryside of Western NY state looked wonderful.   A great time was had by all!  His conclusion is that we should do it again next year!

Approx  $11,000 was raised on this Second CT British Car reliability Run for the Hole In the Wall Gang Camp.  Congratulations!

Here are photos sent in by several of the teams.  They are in a random order right now, but in the near future will be put in chronological order along with details of the run.


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The inaugural 2018 CT British Reliability Run raised around $10,000 for the Hole in
the Wall Gang camp and the participants enjoyed a tour of the Adirondacks. This year
our destination is the Finger Lakes.  Those who took part in last year’s Reliability Run had such a good time and raised such an impressive amount for charity that it was clear we had to see if we could beat our results in 2019.

Planning started in January as we took note of lessons learned. One decision was very easy to reach: we would continue to support the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp as our charity. Their website is at https://www.holeinthewallgang.org/

The destination was a little more difficult to choose, because it isn’t just a question of throwing darts at a map. There is the matter of a decent hotel at a reasonable price, availability of places to eat and suitable roads to get us from Connecticut to our destination and back. 

Our first thoughts were the Green Mountains of Vermont, and while an entertaining route to the region was fairly easy to establish, finding lodgings that matched our criteria was not so easy. We turned our eyes westwards, back to NY state and out to the Finger Lakes region. Some hours spent with Google Earth suggested a likely route, while internet searches and phone calls uncovered a possible hotel choice.
From there it was just along day’s drive to establish that the route was as scenic as Google Earth suggested and that the hotel lived up to the pictures on its website.
And so we can now present the CT British Reliability Run 2019!

When: It will take place on the last weekend in September, departing CT on the morning of Friday, September 27th on a 225 mile run to Cortland, NY.  Saturday will be spent touring the Finger Lakes region and the return trip to Connecticut is the following day.

Where: Our base for the weekend for the two nights away from home is at the Hope Lake
Lodge, which is a few miles south of Cortland. You can inspect the hotel at https://hopelakelodge.com/ The hotel has reserved 14 rooms for us at a discounted rate of $154 a night, available through August 1st. 

Why: we hope to raise more money this year for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp
than we did last year. The camp was very grateful for our efforts and we want to continue our support of this amazing charity.

How: for details of the event send email to nwardle2@comcast.net The registration fee remains the same as last year at $125. Drivers and navigators are responsible for their
accommodation and meals. The route is on US, State and County roads with no interstate highways. 

On behalf of the organizing group, I hope to see you on the 2019 CT British Reliability Run! 

Below is a gallery of photographs from the

2018 CT British Reliability Run.  



Lunch at Lime Rock Park at the completion of the Reliability Run!

What is a Reliability Run?

Reliability Runs were something of a tradition in England that has now been continued by British car clubs on both side of the Atlantic. The C.T.R. in conjunction with the CT MG club is proud to present the first Connecticut British Reliability Run?

This type of driving event has its roots in England. Owners of British cars whose marque had a reputation for poor mechanical reliability would gather and do long continuous drives around England to prove that their cars were indeed reliable.

British Reliability Runs continue to this day, benefiting children’s charities in England, then in 2002 Blake Discher of the Detroit Triumph Sportscar Club, founded America’s British Reliability Run (ABRR).  He had help and guidance from former Triumph Standard executive and British Reliability run veteran John Macartney. The ABRR spirit is now spreading throughout the USA with multiple regional runs. The ABRR is a challenging and fun driving event that so far has raised more than $215,000 for worthy children’s charities here in the United States.

The Charity HoleSeriousLogoCMYK

The only competition is how much each CT Reliability Run team can raise for the chosen charity: The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, founded by Paul Newman. This organization is dedicated to providing “a different kind of healing” to seriously ill children and their families throughout the northeast, free of charge. It’s a community that celebrates the fun, friendship and spirit of childhood, where every kid can “raise a little hell.” We visited the camp in Ashford and were very impressed with the work that they do to allow seriously ill children to have camping opportunities that we perhaps take for granted. – Janet Thomson


We have created a special website for the CT British Reliability run at https://www.ctbrr.org/  —— It has everything you need to know, and you can sign up for this great event!