Misc Photos

We would like to put your Triumph photos here!  Just send them to the club email address (ConnTriumph@Gmail.com) with a brief description, and I’ll add them here.

CTR Dick Sobielo 60 TR3A 'El Coqui'

Dick Sobielo’s 1960 TR3A ‘El Coqui’ (see ‘Your Page’ to see why its called “El Coqui”!!)

mark barbers tr6

Mark Barber’s TR6.  Mot tpp long ago Mark drove his Triumph to Califormia and back.  See his website at  mytr6toadtrip.com

Alan Alda (MASH) with his new 74 TR6 2

Alan Alda sent us this 1974 photo of his new Triumph TR6!!



Ted’s TR7 at Lake Waramaug