Photo for Moss Motoring Magazine

Hi CTR Club Members. Check out David Stuursma’s exciting request below……….
Subject: Best friends and British cars
I have a special request for British car clubs.
I’m working on the summer issue of the Moss Motoring magazine. There are a series of stories in it about the friendships that have developed thanks to these little cars. The stories are wonderful and I am hoping to find a photograph for the cover of the magazine that captures this friendship theme just perfectly. Who better to ask for help than the clubs where many of these friendships start?
If it’s not too much to ask, could you please ask your members if they have a special photograph they could email to me that displays really well an important friendship in their life? And, of course, there should be a British sports car in the scene, too. The photo needs to have good clarity and high resolution (file size more than 1MB) to work well as the cover. It should also be in portrait orientation. In my mind I’m seeing a scene of two people working on a car, but I can imaging other scenes working equally well.
Please also include a paragraph or two talking about the friendship in the photo. If, when you’re writing you can’t help but go long, don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the story!
If I’m able to choose your photo for the cover, I will credit your Moss account $200. And if your friend in the photo is also a Moss customer, I will add $200 to their account, too! If you want, we can keep this a surprise for them.   : )
Deadline for submitting a photo is February 25. Please send photos and stories to
Thank you so much for your help!
David Stuursma
Moss Motoring editor