Fall Foliage Cruise to Hopkins Winery

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The weather was in a far more agreeable mood the following weekend when we gathered for a gentle run from South Britain to the Hopkins Winery at the northern end of Lake Waramaug.

The sunshine persuaded quite a few members of the CTR and the MG club to bring their cars out for a spot of leaf-peeping followed by a glass of wine. CTR members included Ann and Mickey Kutka (TR3A), Dave Semple (TR6), Jay and Linda Jablonski (TR6) and a flight of Spitfires belonging to Ron Green and Eda Wilson, Ken and Maryellen Woolley and you’re your Newsletter Editor and the Navigator. The MG club was well represented by Glenn and Gretchen Reynolds and Maryanne and George Muscolini, both driving classic MG TDs.

We assembled at the South Britain commuter parking lot and after a brief discussion of the route off we went along CT 172 through South Britain and past the extensive facilities of the Southbury Training School, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, before picking up CT 67 towards Roxbury. After a few miles on 67 we turned off towards Washington on CT 199. This is a generally quiet road with some fine, sweeping curves and grades that are just the thing our cars were made for. The turn onto CT47 in Washington required care, visibility not being that great.

That tended to string out the caravan a little so we stopped to regroup in a pull-in outside the aptly named church dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Help! I think if we ever decide to have a blessing of the cars this is the place we have to go to!

Once we had all our LBCs in a row, we continued down the steep hill to Washington Depot. After passing through the town centre, which seemed to be quite busy, we took some unnumbered roads to head over to New Preston and Lake Waramaug. In the bright sunshine the lake was a beautiful sight as we skirted along its eastern shore before turning towards the Hopkins Winery and journey’s end.

The winery offers a wine bar that on a colder day might have been welcoming, but the outdoor picnic tables were a better bet on this fine October afternoon, so we bought a couple of bottles of wine and borrowed some glasses from the winery.

The wine and the conversation flowed freely as it tends to do when car club members gather. Everybody had something to share, whether related to cars or not, and time seemed to pass very quickly as the sun started to sink in the sky. Soon it was time to say our goodbyes and go our separate ways.

I enjoy planning these drives, the Winery tour was actually the Navigator’s route, and it was a lot of fun seeing it come together and leading a caravan of little British cars. I discovered though that the view of the caravan is not as good from the front since you can only see it in your rear view mirror. Which is a way of suggesting that perhaps other members might want to try their hand at planning a drive next year!

In the meantime, as long as the weather holds I will be out and about scouting for new opportunities for driving in 2018. After all, it’s what our cars are for……….Isnt it?.

Thanks to David Semple for the camera work for this article.

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